Tassel Scarf Reveal

Ok it's not exactly the most original of names...but it's a scarf and it has tassels! Lots of tassels lol
So here it is....

If you remember from THIS post I chose a rather luxurious yarn for this project. A Scheepjes white label yarn. The white label yarns are the premium range. Not for everyday projects, but definitely worth it for a special make!
Alpaca Rhythm is a lace weight yarn that has 80% Alpaca/20% Extra fine wool content.
It's so very, very skin soft! Which is why I chose it for a scarf.

The sun even managed to make an appearance while I was taking a photo of the finished tassel laden scarf.

I did go a little crazy with the tassels!

But I love how it turned out and it's had lots of wear already. I have a bright green coat that it looks wonderful with!

I added tassels to each end and also at the ends of each colour stripes to give the impression that the colour stripes had been woven into the scarf.

It's a very easy pattern to follow, a perfect TV project! Not much concentration required!!!
I'll be sharing how to make it very soon.

Til next time x

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Squeee.....have you seen what is coming???!!!!

Ok it's not very often I get this excited about a new yarn....but this time it's with due cause!
I'm sure you've heard me say this a million times...but I just LOVE colour change yarns. 
It's like some kind of magic enfolding in front of your eyes....
I'm waffling. I'll shut up and show you what I'm drooling over...

 I give you Whirl by Scheepjes
Isn't that just bloody gorgeous???!!!
And it gets better....have you seen all of the colours it will come in?

So what's so special about this yarn I hear you ask? There are gradient yarns already out there!
Ok well yes that's true. But do they come in 1000m cakes? Yup...1km of yarn!!!
Easily enough to make a shawl/scarf/wrap/other random project
Oh and the other pretty unique thing about this yarn is that it's NOT SPLITTY!!!!
Some gradient yarns are very splitty to work with. Splitty enough to make me swear and give up. 

Ok let me give you facts about this yarn....
It's a bend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic so it will be lightweight and have lovely drape.
As I've said before it's got a generous twist to stop the spiltty factor occurring (YAY!)
Each cake weighs 215-225g and I would say it's a fingering weight. 
The recommended hook size is 3.5-4mm but you can alter that according to the finish you're after.
It will be available to buy from 6th March 😊

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample to play with....I KNOW!!!! 
*happy dances*

Lavenderlicious! I love it! It changes from grey through to deep deep purple 💜
If you look closely you can see how the oh so gentle colour changes happen....it's all in the ply 😉

And this is what the colours look like hooked up. 
I couldn't wait to get hooking and then couldn't put it down!
I can honestly say it's a complete dream to work with 💕💕💕

I chose this free Chevron Lace Wrap pattern by Tamara Kelly and used a 4.5mm hook to give a nice open finish. 

This is where I'm up to. It's finished but yet to be blocked. Even without blocking the drape is lovely so I'm expecting it to get softer again. 
I think this photo shows the colour gradient really well 💕
I'll get it blocked this week and, light permitting, take some photos to share very soon. 

Til next time x
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The Not Yet Named Blanket Reveal

Hi Folks! Ok so today I'm sharing (eventually) the reveal of my blanket with no name (formerly known as the Dotty Blanket lol)

Made from Scheepjes Colour Crafter, it's a snuggly and practical blanket. It needs to be in my house as my kitties like nothing more than a blanket to pad on....oh and occasionally puke on 😂
Because it's 100% premium acrylic I can throw it in the washing machine (40 degree wash)!

Anyways....enough waffle.....here it is!

I have to confess that I'm a little bit in love with this blanket 💙💚💙

I think you can even see the squishy, snuggly loveliness in this photo!

I added a very simple linen stitch border as I felt that was all it needed.

The reverse is quite neat and tidy too so no worries about the wrong side showing!

Amazingly, I managed to get kitty free photos! Although Ziggy was on the blanket as soon as my back was turned lol

Doesn't it look pretty with the sun shining through it? All stained glass window like!
I actually just took this photo as I couldn't quite believe that the sun was shining....it's been dark and grey here of late!

Ok so I hope you like the new blanket....any ideas on a name???!!!
I'm almost finished putting together a step by step tutorial for this blankie and of course a free pattern.
Taking photos at this time of year is VERY challenging!

Til next time x

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Some Alpaca Rhythm.....

Ah...I got me some Alpaca yarn!
Yup....I decided that I deserved a little luxury for my next project so selected the gorgeous Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm for a cute scarf project. 

Have you seen this yarn?
Utterly scrumptious!
The colours are named after dances....soooo cool!

It's a lace weight yarn. 25g = 200m
80% Alpaca and 20% Extra Fine Wool and is available in 20 colours.

I decided to go with Hip Hop for the main colour of the scarf....I figured it's a warm neutral colour that will work well with my outdoor coats that are both a vibrant green colour (I just love green!!!)

And just because I love colour I chose some contrasting colours to make it POP!

Very "Cath Kidston" on reflection.....

From left to right we have Cha Cha, Merengue, Charleston, Disco and finally Boogie.
The tassels are a clue....this is one funky scarf!

Next time I'll share my progress.
Til then x

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Dotty Blanket Progress

Thought it was about time I shared my blanket progress with you all...
If you remember back to this post, I decided to make a smaller than usual blanket using Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn. The idea being, that this could be an easy care blanket perfectly sized for throwing over knees on a winters day.
It would make a lovely baby blanket too!

I decided to use Colour Crafter as it's soft, snuggly, can be thrown in the washing machine and oh my lord!....the colour range is AMAZING! Over 90 colours to choose from 💙💚💛💜

100% premium acrylic without that nasty squeaky feeling.....100g = 300m and very affordable at £1.99 per ball. You can buy it HERE 😊

So onto the progress.....

If you remember.....I chose a mix of blues and greens with a lovely soft grey.

I ended up using 4 different blue shades and 3 of green

I designed a nice and simple motif and set up a production line!!!
Centres first and then a grey to frame the circle.

Then onto my trusty blocking board!

Next....onto the deciding where to place the colours and some joining! Oh I do love how these colours and this simple design is turning out 💗
Sometimes it's just all about the colours!

Speaking of which....another project is in the making. I'm a roll....catching up and loving being in my creative zone again.

Next time I'll share my colours and yarn for this new project.
Til then x

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Carnival Cushion - Free Pattern!

Ok so it's a little much later than anticipated but Dad has been sick again....
Anyway! Today I'm sharing the free pattern for my Carnival Cushion!

The cushion is made up from 4 mitred squares joined together to form the front section....

and rows of double crochet stripes to make the back section.

A little surface crochet and a pom pom edging give the cushion a nice finish.

I'm not doing a step by step tutorial for this cushion (time has not been on my side recently!) so I'm presuming you have a little basic crochet knowledge. This isn't a difficult pattern but the pom pom edging can be a little fiddly until you get the hang of it!

Ok.....ready??? Here we go.....

The pattern is written in UK crochet terms.


A - 844 Hepburn x 100g
B - 845 Astaire x 100g
C - 846 Monroe x 100g
D - 847 Bogart x 100g
E - 848 Rogers x 100g

4mm Crochet Hook
3 x Buttons (3cm diameter)
Darning Needle
20 inch Cushion Pad

Cushion Front

Using yarn B make 2 plain mitred squares as follows:

Foundation row: Ch2, dc 3 in 2nd st from hook, ch1, turn
Row 1: dc, dc 3 in next (corner) st, dc, ch1, turn
Row 2: dc 2, dc 3 in next (corner) st, dc 2, ch1, turn
Row 3: dc 3, dc 3 in next (corner) st, dc 3, ch1, turn
Rows 4 - 40: Continue increasing in the corner stitch and working dc in the other stitches as above
Fasten off and weave in ends.  

Make 2 mitred squares as above but work in stripes as follows, fastening off and joining in a new colour as needed:
Foundation, row 1 & 2 - E
Rows 3 & 4 - A
Row 5 - D
Row 6 - C
Rows 7 & 8 - B
Row 9 - D
Rows 10 & 11 - E
Row 12 - A
Rows 13 & 14 - B
Row 15 - A
Rows 16 & 17 - C
Row 18 - E
Rows 19 & 20 - A
Row 21 - B
Rows 22 &23 - D
Rows 24 & 25 - E
Row 26 - B
Row 27 - A
Row 28 & 29 - C
Row 30 - A
Rows 31 & 32 - D
Row 33 & 34 - B
Row 35 - C
Rows 36 & 37 - E
Row 38 - D
Rows 39 & 40 - A
Weave in ends.

Now mitred squares have a tendency to have wavy edges so you need to block the squares to 9.5 inches (24cm)

With right sides together, join the squares with an oversew stitch. With the right side of the cushion front facing upwards work a row of surface chain crochet down each of the seams using yarn C. This will add a decorative seam and also hide the joins!
Cushion Back (2 pieces)

With Yarn D ch72 and work in 2nd st from hook work rows of double crochet. Unless changing colour, ch1 and turn at end of each row. Work in colours as follows:

Piece 1

Rows 1-7: D
Rows 8-10: A
Row 11: C
Rows 12-13: B
Row 14: C
Rows 15-18: E
Rows 19-21: D
Rows 22-25: A
Row 26: B
Rows 27-29: C
Rows 30-31: D
Rows 32-33: B
Row 34: A
Rows 35-38: E
Rows 39-40: A
Rows 41-42: C
Row 43: D
Row 44: B
Rows 45-48: A
Rows 49-51: D
Rows 52-54: C
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Piece 2

Rows 1-5: E
Rows 6-8: A
Rows 9-10: C
Row 11: B
Rows 12-15: D
Rows 16-17: A
Row 18: B
Rows 19-22: E
Rows 23-27: C
Rows 28-29: D
Rows 30-32: A
Row 33: A - Buttonhole row - dc10, ch3, sk3, dc21, ch3, sk3, dc21, ch3, sk3, dc10
Row 34: A
Rows 35-36: B
Fasten and weave in ends.

To join the 2 pieces lay them smaller section on top to form a square (measure the edges to ensure you have a square shape) and pin the section where the 2 pieces overlap. With Yarn C join at any point and work a border of double crochet working through both pieces where the sections overlap and working 3 dc in each corner. Work another 2 rows of border in dc as before. 

Joining the back and front.
With wrong sides facing each other and with the back of the cushion facing you join the two pieces together using double crochet and Yarn C. You made have to fudge a little to get even stitches along all 4 sides! I would recommend pinning the pieces evenly together to get an even finish. 

Now to add the pom pom border! I used Yarn C 

The pom pom edging I modified from this lovely blog. There is a wonderful step by step tutorial!
I wanted my pom poms to sit snuggly around the cushion edge, so instead of working 6 chains I worked 3 chains So start with a double crochet, chain 3 and work the pom pom into the double crochet. In between each pom pom I worked 3 chains, skipped 3 stitches and worked the pom pom into the next double crochet. Before you start I need to point out that the pom pom has a back and a front!

Sew on your button and add the cushion pad. Your cushion is completed!!!!

Til next time x

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New yarn = new project!!!

Oh don't you just love starting something new! I maybe like it a little too much....hence the pile of unfinished objects in my guest room 😉
Anyway, let's pretend they don't exist and my conscience is clear to start something new!
What yarn to use? What colours to choose? What design?
Ooooh! Decisions decisions!
I think a blanket. Yes a blanket. I've only made three so far this year 😂😂😂
A smaller blanket this time. A little bigger than a lapghan. More like a baby blanket size.
Ok now that's decided onto yarn and colours!
Yarn....something with a huge colour choice. Easy to care for and snuggly soft....
No contest really.....
The perfect choice! Do you know it's available in over 90 colours??? Yes....more than 90!

Look at all those colours! How to choose....how to choose???!!!!
This premium acrylic yarn really is very different to other acrylics that I've worked with before. For a start there's no nasty squeak to this yarn. It really doesn't feel like 100% acrylic. It's unbelievably soft and washes and wears well. 100g balls give you 300 metres of yarn so making larger projects is very affordable. 

I decided to go with a combination of greens and blues with with lovely soft grey.

A nice colour combination! Next job is to decide on a design!
I'll update you on that in the coming days. Well that's if my laptop stays alive. We have laptop woes in this house at the moment. Poor thing is old and worn out (a bit like me!)

I've also got a pattern to share....I haven't forgotten. A trip to Holland and Christmas preps just got in the way! I *think* I'm on top of things now 😉

Til next time x

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